Mail Center

This facility serves as the central shipping and receiving location for the entire campus.

Pisula Softball Field

The middle and upper school girls’ softball teams practice and play on this lighted field.

Upper School Main Entrance

This building has classrooms for ninth through twelfth grades and the Bourque Library. The administrative and communications offices are immediately inside this entrance with easy access to the counseling and college counseling offices.

Middle School Entrance

This building has classrooms for sixth through eighth grades, the Edone library and a computer lab. The administrative office is just inside this entrance with the counselor, dean, and learning coordinator’s offices just a few doors away.

Rock Math and Science Center

This building has classrooms for sixth through twelfth grades, the Ramirez Lecture Hall, and anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, computer, and robotics laboratories.

Glenn Performing Arts Center

This facility houses the 500-seat main stage theatre and a 125 seat black box theater. There is also instructional space for band, choir, dance, and drama.

Student Center

This dining area serves students in grades 6-12. This building has multiple conference rooms for student and parent meetings.

The Spirit Store

Run by parent volunteers, the Spirit Store sells uniforms and other Cooper-themed clothing and accessories.

Dunlap Gymnasium

Boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, and physical education instruction take place here. The Athletic and Assistant Athletic Director’s offices and temporary facilities for football lockers and coaches’ offices are also within this complex.

Maintenance Center

This facility houses the Director of Facilities’ office.

Pate Track and Pugh Football/Soccer Field

All Middle and Upper school football and soccer teams use these facilities.

Mitchell Lower School

This building has classrooms for prekindergarten through fourth grade along with the Fargo Library. The Admission, Advancement, Business, and Head of School offices are also in this building.

Fifth Grade Center

This building contains fifth grade classrooms on the second floor and a computer lab, music room, Spanish classrooms, and learning coordinators’ offices on the first floor.

Austin Gymnasium

The middle school teams utilize this facility for games and practices. This gymnasium also houses the yearbook and digital animation classrooms.

Art Barns

These two buildings are connected by an open courtyard. Visual arts students in grades five through twelve take classes here.

Chenault Tennis Courts

Middle and Upper school students use these lighted tennis courts to practice and play matches.

The Field Family Diamond at Finnie Park

Middle and Upper school baseball use this field.

The Lower School Library

All of the students in the Lower School take advantage of this spacious facility. The open floor plan allows an entire class to meet together as group or individual students to spread out for some reading “quiet time.”

Indoor Hitting Center

This building is used for the baseball program and has hitting and field practice space inside.

Map Key

  • Art Barns
  • Austin Gymnasium
  • Chenault Tennis Courts
  • Dunlap Gymnasium
  • Fifth Grade Center
  • Glenn Performing Arts Center
  • Indoor Hitting Center
  • Mail Center
  • Maintenance Center
  • Middle School Main Entrance
  • Mitchell Lower School
  • Pate Track and Pugh Football/Soccer Field
  • Pisula Softball Field
  • Rock Math and Science Center
  • Student Center
  • The Field Family Diamond at Finnie Park
  • The Lower School Library
  • The Spirit Store
  • Upper School Main Entrance